Whether you’d like to partner with Unknown Travels for advertising, Consulting opportunities, or have an unknown attraction or restaurant you’d like us to check out and review, let us know!  We want to work with you!


  • Banner Ads – We do currently run ads from Google and BuySellAds as keeping this site running isn’t free.  Please keep in mind that 15% of that does go to a sustainable tourism project.
  • Sponsored/Branded Content/Featured posts – If you have a product, hostel, attraction, hotel or anything that is travel related and want to promote it will have it’s own promotional post.  It will be written in our natural Unknown Travels’ voice.  Either Alex or myself will write the post giving it a unique personal feel. It will be shared four times on Twitter, once each on Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest. The post will also stay on the front/featured page for the 10 most recent posts.  All posts supported by advertising will also contain a disclosure stating as such.
  • Contact us for full rates and details.

Disclosure:  Please note that Unknown Travels reserves the right to not advertise with companies we feel venture away from our overall mission.


Have a sustainable tourism project idea but don’t know how to execute it? Contact us and let’s see if we can help you?  Jon has extensive experience implementing projects all over the globe. With successful tourism project implementation in Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Mongolia.


  • Have Unknown Travels check out your attraction, restaurant, hostel or hotel  – Unknown Travels (Jon and Alex) build targeted campaigns for brands, hotels, attractions, and destination marketing organizations. Typical campaigns will include live, real-time social media interaction and coverage, several blog posts featuring the destination or brand, social media interaction, and temporary or permanent access to the photos or blog posts in regards to the brand or destination.  We’re flexible and we can create a campaign that works for you.
  • Unknown Travels will charge a rate commensurate with the amount of time, work and coverage.
  • All campaigns or sponsored travel contains a disclosure stating as such.
  • If you’d like to invite Unknown Travels (Jon or Alex) to join an existing campaign or have us build a new on for you let us know by emailing us!

Negative Review Policy: In case of a negative experience, you will be notified prior to publication to discuss the situation privately. You will have an opportunity to make a statement that will be published in the subsequent post.  This will help in giving a balanced and fair account of the issues encountered. 


Unknown Travels seeks to partner with brands that reflect our values: brands that promote cultural and eco-tourism, off the beaten path destinations and attractions,  adventure travel; brands that prioritize travel for all people; brands that demonstrate commitment to sustainable travel.

Brand ambassadorships are long-term partnerships (think of them as long-term relationships) promoting a brand on UnknownTravels.com and across social media channels. Each brand ambassadorship is custom-tailored depending on the needs of the brand.