The Start-up of You

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Reid Hoffman:

The Start-up of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your Career

Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha have brought us an amazing book to help for not only our careers, but to develop our mindsets as we find ourselves.  In “The Start-up of You”, Hoffman explains, many facets of your personal career as if it is your own business.  He continues to go on and talk about your hard and soft skills. Your hard skills being your finances and things that you have to your name.

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Reid Hoffman also also spends a good amount of time in the book explaining your soft skills. These soft skills are you at an integral part of your business of what you sell to companies and your competitive advantage.  These soft skills focus on things that you can pick up while traveling or while experiencing something that other people can’t relate to. Things such as learning a new language, experiencing cultures, becoming culturally flexible, culturally sensitive, or adaptable and seeing things that other people don’t.  Becoming a problem solver.

In the “Start-up of You”, there’s an opportunity for you, the traveler, to reflect on what you’re doing for your career and how you can use your experiences to either enter into a career that you want to be involved with or continue with the career that you currently have.  For some of you, this traveling experience could be your pivoting point in your career. In all, “The Start-up of You” is a fantastic book, that offers great insight in how you can utilize your skills and your strengths to differentiate you from the rest of the crowd.  It’s a great read while you’re on your trip because you can reflect as you are traveling.

We highly recommend this book as it’s important for any person who’s trying to do something different in their career or following their passion. Perfect for traveling.

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