Unknown Travels strives to maintain and promote sustainable tourism. Without sustainable tourism practices and initiatives, the local communities that thrive on tourism itself will suffer. Focusing on sustainable tourism and practices allows Unknown Travels to help when help is needed.  That’s why 15% of any affiliate or advertising income earned will go towards a tourism based project.  This can include funding a trash cleanup in a nature reserve, building birdhouses, fixing up trails, making trail signs and markers.  It’s all about helping maintain the areas that we all want to travel and see!

Things you can do include:

Picking up your trash.

…or something like this:

Engaging with the local population to really find out what what life is like.

…or perhaps:

Respecting the area in which you are traveling through.

Be sure to check our post about a sustainable travel pledge about how you can be a better tourist and an even better global citizen here.