Unknown Travels was created to:

  • Help promote and create sustainable tourism.
  • Help the adventure seekers’ find their next trip.
  • Work with under advertised tourism communities.

By creating a platform for the smaller, harder to reach destinations, Unknown Travels offers the opportunity for these places to be seen by travelers.  As the opportunity to see these unknown places increases, the local communities have a chance to increase their annual incomes due to increased tourism.

Unknown Travels attempts to promote unknown travel destinations by allowing the travel and tourism community to post on the Unknown Travel website.  As more people give information, we as a travel and tourism community, can create a book highlighting the destinations.

Unknown Travels is dedicated to helping tourism in under-advertised communities therefore 15% of every affiliate earning after breaking even goes towards a tourism development project.

By giving smaller, unknown communities the ability to help advertise their attractions, more adventure seekers will be willing to go.  It’s a triple win; for the adventure seekers, the travel enthusiasts, and the local communities.