Middle of Mongolia

A Mongolia Landscape.

Mongolia is a unknown travel destination. It breathes life and adventure. It is very calming. Imagine all that you could do here. See as far as the eye can see, roam as the dinosaurs once roamed. I stopped and took this picture because no matter where I am in the world, this picture reminds me to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life. I remember when I first took this picture, I put the camera down and smiled.

It was this picture that I realized that nothing else mattered in the moment. The moment I was in was mine and mine alone. I didn’t need all of the points and travel add-ons to see this view. I simply stopped on the side of the road. That is what make traveling special. There is many different aspects to share with everyone but it is the individual journey that we must all experience. The simple things, this view, are what make me happy that people travel.

Understanding what motivates people to travel has been something that I’ve tried to understand. Is it the adventure? The history? The food? The vagabond lifestyle? I suppose that it the journey itself that will reveal an answer to each individual traveller.

As I continue onward with my day, take a moment and reflect on this picture. Mongolia has a lot to offer, as it is definitely on my places that you MUST visit! Make sure you continue to check out Unknown Travels for more updates and follow us on our social media pages!

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On a trip to Eastern Mongolia. I found this spot to be beautiful and full of life. Calm and quiet. Wide open landscape. Truly beautiful. Mongolia.

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