Career Travel Tips

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5 Career Travel Tips

To make your trip more Career Friendly. #TuesdayTripTips

Career Travel Tips by Unknown Travels is to help give advice for people traveling and what to do with their experiences into long term career goals!


Create goals for yourself

When you are traveling, no matter how long the trip will be, it is important for you to create goals for yourself. This trip is something you have decided to do for yourself, but why did you do it. Are there certain things you want to see, do and accomplish? These sound like interview questions to us! Simple goals such as reading five books, or writing in my journal everyday for a month can be attained and enjoyed by you. You can even have higher aspirations and create goals for yourself such as writing a book, or taking over 10,000 pictures.

Do something different

So maybe you’re traveling for a gap year or maybe your traveling to travel. The point is; it’s your trip! If you have been traveling for a while and you want to do something different, you should!  You’re experiences are yours alone, so you should be able to do things differently to make the most out of your travels. Having activities with the local community in places that you are traveling to will also help give you a different perspective on the destinations themselves. Plus, whenever you can ‘donate’ and volunteer your time and help out local organizations or causes should make you feel good. Remember in interviews, what makes you different? Check out our Resources Page to find some ideas on how you can either help volunteer, intern or set up your own business on the go.


Career Travel Tips

Bring a Book

Traveling alone or in a group is always fun, but you will always have spare time to read a book. Bring a book that you are willing to part with after you have read it.  This is your perfect opportunity to read that book that you’ve never had the time for. Most hostels will have a ‘give a book, take a book’ system. This is a time to teach yourself. Become wiser! Need some ideas? Head over to Jon’s Reading List or the Resources Page for some suggestions!



Have business cards made

Before you depart on your trip, you should go to your local print shop and make some generic business cards to give to people you meet throughout your trip.  Providing a fellow traveler a business card is the easiest way to exchange contact information and keep the conversation going.  You never know who you will meet as you are traveling and who knows what you plan on doing after your trip. Probably one of my favorite career travel tips right here.



Packing only what you need

It is important to be able to pack not only comfortably but only the necessities for your trip. When going on longer trips and packing with one bag, pack for about one week worth of clothes. This ensures at least one week of clean clothing that can be washed over and over again, as needed. This also allows you to travel lightly. This is an important concept to learn that can be directly applied to future careers.  Keep it simple.

Remember Unknown Travels’ Career Travel Tips are here to help you. This is from personal experience and things I wish I picked up along the way.

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